Tali - Roman Knucklebones, Metal Coins, and 2 Games in One

Created by Jason R. Williams

Tali, is the Roman version of Knucklebones. Featuring the tactile feel of simulated Bones.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Tali: Only $380 from Red Knuckle Bones
over 3 years ago – Sat, Apr 20, 2019 at 09:19:17 AM

We have unlocked Qasim Al Masrifi, The banker additional Character card.  And we are only $380 at last glance from unlocking the Red Knuckle Bone stretch goal.

Thank you everyone, I have faith that we will find a way to get that last amount.

Tali: Final Hours
over 3 years ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 05:51:57 PM

With less than 6 hours for the campaign, we can get the next two stretch goals and unlock the Red Knuckle Bone die.   Consider increasing your pledge from the $15 to the $25 level to get 2 sets of the knuckle bones (give one as a gift).  Or consider upgrading to the Deluxe game of Tali, adding a set of Knuckle Bones for $15, and getting an extra set since you pledged $50.  You can also pledge $50 in the basic game and then get two copies of the basic game and a free set of knuckle bones.  If you really like the coins, consider pledging $100 and you will get a free set of the 80 metal coins, with your copy of Tali deluxe, 140 metal coins, and two extra sets of knuckle bone dice (1 for free).

Tali: At $5.5K and another stretch goal
over 3 years ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 02:59:35 PM

We have unlocked another stretch goal.  Say hello to Maximin Diogenus, our local street performer and drunkard. Everyone thinks he is a general loser.  Somehow, though Maximin seems to win even when he loses.  Maximin's power is that he turns his losses in to wins by making people feel sorry for him and whenever he does not get any winnings during play, all the players which do get money, must give Maximin at least 1 copper.  Even when bad things happen to Maximin, people seem to be compelled to help him out and cover his losses.

And now lets work on the next stretch goal and onto the Mythical Red Knuckle Bone.  The mythical Red Knuckle Bone is thought to have mystical power.  Seers use the Red Bone along with the other bones to help read the future.  Gamer's will use the Red Bone, when they ante the required additional coin, as a wild bone they can use to replace any of the other bones.  The additional rules for using the Mythical Red Bone will be revealed in the future (assuming we can get enough Oracle Seers together to read that future).   A new time travelling recon team is currently being assembled.

Everyone thank you for your support and backing.

Tali: And another stretch goal
over 3 years ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 02:48:00 PM

We have hit the $6000 funding level and have unlocked Astrid Brenna, the Varangian Guard with the power to block most of the effects from dog and vulture rolls.  In fact she can use her power to protect other players, if she wishes, but can you meet her price?

Now we only need $1000 more in backing to unlock the Mythical Red Knuckle Bone.  Spread the word and everyone can get the 4 set with the 5th Red Knuckle Bone added and the game if you want.

Tali: Additional Info.
over 3 years ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 07:45:44 AM

The website for the Tali project which has more pictures and info is here: http://talithegame.com/ 

I was asked to post some more pics about the historic metal coins. 

                                      Close up of a pile of coins

Here is a comparison of the cardboard coins and the metal coins.

Punchout Coins Top, Metal Bottom
Punchout Coins Top, Metal Bottom