Tali - Roman Knucklebones, Metal Coins, and 2 Games in One

Created by Jason R. Williams

Tali, is the Roman version of Knucklebones. Featuring the tactile feel of simulated Bones.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Tali will start shipping next week.
over 2 years ago – Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 02:36:23 PM

After consulting the manufacturer, we have decided to do some reorganizing with some of the awards such that we can send all the orders out with the correct custom Tali bags.   Since the full game does come with the correct bag (and was packaged correctly), we will go ahead and retrieve enough from the extra stock to make all the rewards correct for everyone who have helped make Tali a reality. 

We will be completing that this week and then we will start picking, packing, and shipping next week.

The US orders will ship out next week as well as the CA and Asia orders.  The EU, UK, and Europe orders will be sent to Games Quest at the same time as the others are sent out.  That means the EU, UK, and Europe orders will be sent around 2 weeks later to backers.

We decided not to wait any longer as the manufacturer has pretty much told us they are unsure when factory production will be starting again as the Chinese government has closed most provinces for travel and business for at least a week and some provinces longer over the Corona virus.  Additional production would have taken 15 days with another couple of weeks for logistics and shipping, on top of when they are actually able to start production again, so a minimium of a month / 5 more weeks best case.


Tali: The Goods have arrived, well mostly
over 2 years ago – Sat, Feb 01, 2020 at 07:47:07 PM

I would like to report that everything but the Custom Tali dice bags have safely arrived in the US at the Quarter Master Logistics warehouse.  On Monday the Chinese New Year will be over and I will see how quickly they can rush the missing dice bags to us, as the small size should not take very long for shipping.  If it is quick enough we will wait a few weeks at most before shipping all the awards out.  Otherwise, I will re-verify who would like a Swords & Sails bag and who would like to wait longer again and ship things out then.


TALI Update, its coming
over 2 years ago – Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 01:05:30 AM

I have real good news and some more bad news.

The good news is that the TALI games and unique knuckle bone dice have started the journey by air freight to our US fulfillment partner, Quartermaster Logistics.

At the same time the factory screwed up again by not printing all the required TALI custom logo dice bags.

The bags are correct and included in the base game packaging but is missing in all the Knuckle Bone Only packages / rewards.

The bags are supposed to be included with each Knuckle Bone Dice Only Reward, as I decided to include one bag standard with each set, to help compensate everyone since we were so late.  The content labeling on the packaging will say 1 custom cloth draw string dice bag.

So, for everyone who should recieve these bags either from adding extra bags to thier order or from ordering the Knuckle Bone Only reward, or from extra compensation for backing over $50, I ask would you be willing to accept a Sword&Sails custom bag in its place to get your order probably 4 weeks sooner, or would you rather wait the 4 more weeks to allow the manufacturer to fix thier additional screw-up.   It will take most likely at least more 4 weeks since it is Chinese New Year in just a few days, which means nothing more will happen till Feb 1st, and they need to produce 1000 more bags yet.

The only other way to get the bags that were produced more quickly, would be to upgrade to the base game, which does include the TALI custom dice bag.  I would be more than willing to upgrade anyone who is receiving 1 or more dice only options to one copy of the base game for only $5 more (a $5 discount), which would replace one of your Knuckle Bone dice sets, but that would loose 1 of the red knuckle bones as the TALI game only comes with the 4 White ones (no 5th red die).

Alternatively, anyone with more than two sets of knucklebones can trade in two sets for a copy of the base game (the 4 white knucklebone dice,  bag, and full game) and I will throw in one of the Swords&Sails Logo'd bag as additional compensation (2 sets of knuclebones for $25 was a reward level).

Either any of the above or we can just wait longer.

Please comment and let me know what everyone would prefer.

Thank you,

Jason Williams.


This us what the Swords&Sails custom logo'd bag looks like:

 And the TALI bag that is supposed to be included:

Happy Holidays and a New Year
over 2 years ago – Fri, Jan 03, 2020 at 02:17:02 AM

I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and a new year.  I wish I could have let everyone know that Tali was in the mail, however the manufacturing mistake of making 4000 Red instead of White Knuckle Bones has delay completion by over 2 months of time.  I have been assured by the factor that they will finish up in the next couple of weeks and then Tali will be on its way.  Still working out whether that will be via sea or air.  If by Sea, then we will be looking at an early March delivery.  If by air, then we should be able start shipping by mid Feb.   I am very much not happy with the factory for taking so long and the also making the mistake with the Red Knuckle Bones, in fact I asked them to complete enough of the orders for all the backers and they were not willing to break up the packaging into two separate intervals to get part of the orders out earlier.

So as a Holiday Gift, and to thank everyone for their patience, I will be sending something extra to all the original backers.   Depending on what you ordered, you can expect either a free upgrade for the base game or if you already ordered that or ordered knuckle bones only, then an extra set of Knuckle bones will be coming your way.

I will update everyone with new images of the final packaging and components as soon as I have them.

Jason R. Williams

Tali Factory update
over 2 years ago – Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 12:12:28 AM

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to let everyone know that the Tali game, and add-ons was on a ship and on its way by now but we have been delayed at the factory again.  Also it seems they made the wrong number of Red Knuckle Bones and now need to make allot more White ones.

I am still fighting like made to get everyone's rewards to them before Christmas.  I will be using Air freight to send at least the amount needed for all the backers.

So I wanted to ask everyone to see if the factory mistake which was made, we should just run with and maybe save some time.

We did end up getting the Red Knuckle Bone stretch goal, however it was suppose to just add one more knuckle bone die as a reward only to the Knuckle Bone only reward, not make all of the Knuckle Bone Only rewards all red as the factory got confused.  So my question is, what if we did make the Knuckle Bone only reward only with red Knuckle Bones.  Who would have huge issues with that?  If you were getting the Base Game of Tali, you will be getting the White Knuckle Bones.  In almost all cases, backers are also getting the additional set of knuckle bone dice only sets and then would get the 5 additional red knuckle bones (To be clear this was suppose to be an additional set of 4 white knuckle bones and I was adding the red one as a stretch goal achievement).

Here are pictures of the Knuckle Bones for everyone to help in seeing if the 5 Red Only knuckle bones is an alright substitution, in order for the backers to get the items before Christmas.

Please reply with your thoughts and votes on this. 

The set included with the Tali Base game, plus all the other game contents.

The set which is supposed too be included with the Knuckle Bone Only Reward

This is what the factory thought they were making for the Knuckle Bone Only sets.

So let me know what you think.

If we still go with the original plan, does not mean we will miss our shipping window for certain, it just may remove one variable as I will be asking the factory to at least complete 1/2 the production eother way to ship to the backers as fast as possible.